“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Many people don’t understand the joy and excitement travelling does to each discoverer.  It isn’t the fun alone but rather the experience and the new things you get to encounter.  It’s like breaking away from the chains and living the day like there’s no tomorrow.

Let me show you some photo shots I personally took.


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This is something that I make all the time because it is super easy and I can eat it for lunch or dinner throughout the week. It’s a very easy way to get tons of veggies and protein during that day. You can easily add or change the veggies to your liking or even what you have left over in the refrigerator!

Here’s what you do (nothing is really exact because it doesn’t have to be!)

Cut 6 bell peppers in half (any color), take out the guts, and place in a glass baking pan.


Cover the bottom of the pan with water about a centimeter or so high- this keeps it from burning the bell peppers in the oven

Grill 1 pound ground beef, bison, or turkey in a pan.


When your meat is about half way browned add your veggies. I did a can of corn, black beans…

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